Ralph was fed up with his wife. Every day he was up an hour before dawn to take his broken down tractor out into the fields to eek out a living while Belinda sat on her fat ass and watched daytime TV. And heaven forbid he should try to fuck her. He was lucky if he got his rocks off once a month if he was lucky. You’d think an ugly fucking cunt like her would be grateful for the attention of his cock.
Ralph was going to make her beg for it.
“What the fuck are you doing? Let me go!” Belinda screamed as he bound her behind his tractor, a battered machine so covered in rust that it groaned with the every rotation of its mud encrusted tires.
“Please, Ralph, let me go! You don’t have to do this!”
Ralph didn’t answer, instead he watched her fat tits wobble as she struggled to keep up with the tractor’s slow but unceasing gait. Only when she was covered in sweat and barely able to continue her forced march, did Ralph finally bring her to the tree.
It was an old, gnarled thing, but strong and thick.
artwork by Badia

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