Sara was a frequent customer to my shop. She owned a historic house and was always looking for new items to decorate it. She had come in maybe twice a month for the past couple of years. Though she was a good customer, she was annoying as all-get-out. She never shut up.
One day, I snapped. She was babbling on about some asinine thing and I just couldn’t take it anymore. The desire to gag her and beat her was too great. She was too stupid and too caught up in talking to notice when I locked the shop door and gathered the few items I would need to subdue her. She didn’t notice anything was wrong until I was lying on top of her, on the floor, tying her hands behind her back.
She tried to scream but she had no breath. Having a person sitting on top of you can make it hard to breathe.
Sara was the third girl I had done this too, (right after Melissa) so I was starting to get the hang of it at this point. I even set a timer on my camera and posed for a picture with her. I stopped doing that later; it seemed stupid to take pictures that had my face in them, too much evidence. But I like this picture so much, that I could never bring myself to throw it away.
So anyways, I stripped her naked, and tied up her arms and tits. Her tits were actually smaller than I thought they’d be, turned out she’d been wearing a padded bra, but whatever. It’s not like these cunts come with return policies.
dominance by De Haro

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