She gave up and started crying.
“Please… let me go! You’ve got the wrong person. I’m a peasant who lives in the village; I have a husband, but we are very poor. There is no money for my ransom! Please, let me go,” the girl begged.
Rasputin stepped up to her, and slowly ran a finger down the side of her face. The girl shivered in fear and disgust.
“Oh my dear, I think you misunderstand your situation. I picked you for precisely that reason. You are nothing. You are worthless. Your presence will hardly be missed in the village. Your husband might miss you for a few days, but drinking and whoring will cure that quickly,” said Rasputin.
“Missed? My presence will be… oh god, no! No, please don’t. Please, oh god, don’t do it!” the girl begged.
“Do not think of it as a bad thing, dear girl.” said Rasputin. “Think of yourself as a sacrifice. You are giving your life force to me, and I will use it well. You should really thank me, girl. I am letting you serve a purpose, for once in your life,”
The girl began to struggle in her bondage, trying to vain to free herself. Rasputin quickly grew bored with watching her, and drew his knife. He stepped up to her, and held the knife up to her face.
The girl’s eyes widened. She was terrified. Knives had always scared her, ever since she was a little girl and saw her father had cut his finger off while using a knife. All that blood… and the screaming… it had horrified her. And now, this awful man was going to cut her! She couldn’t imagine a worse torment.
“Ah… I see you realize what is going to happen now,” said Rasputin. “I will use my knife and it will be slow. Small, shallow cuts at first, just to cause you pain. I want you to suffer, bitch. It will heighten your sacrifice and give me more power.”
He began dragging the knife down her face, digging the blade in just enough to cause a trickle of blood to fall down her throat, to her full, luscious breasts.
Rasputin leaned in and tasted it, then bit her nipple.
dominance by De Haro

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