“TOMMM! Make him stoopppppp! I’m sorrrryyyy! PLEEEASSEEE!” Mary screamed. Tom was standing off to the right of her, staring at her while idly stroking his cock and taking in the sight of the Spaniard’s huge cock plowing into his wife’s tight pussy. Mary was pulling at the restraints, her muscles bulging and sweat pouring from her body, but she couldn’t budge. Her tits were bouncing and heaving with the powerful, punishing thrusts of Edgar’s hips.
“UUUGGGHHH!” Mary moaned, Egdar’s thick cock slamming into her cervix yet again.
“That’s it, dear, harder. Punish that slut’s pussy!” Madame Martinez moaned, driving her fingers deep into her sopping wet cunt. “It’s time this bitch learned that her fuckhole is there to please her betters , not give her pleasure!”
artwork by Badia

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