Disappeared while traveling with a Balkans group-study tour: An French university political science teaching assistant, Nancine had decided that it would be good to spend her summer vacation touring various Balkan countries. After all, the Balkans were her declared area of interest when it came to political study; if one was going to become a specialist in Balkan politics, one should have more of a knowledge of social, economic and political life there. Taking advantage of her college discounts, Nancine joined up with a group of similar-minded University faculty who had signed up for an extensive, multi-country tour of the Balkans. For Nancine, it seemed like a good deal and a good career move – at the time.
Nancine’s only regret concerning this tour group was that besides herself, all the other dozen or so members were older and to her, quite dull, members of college faculties, self-absorbed couples and writers. Quite a contrast to the beautiful and vivacious Nancine with her tall, shapely body and a tendency to wear tight, form-fitting clothes. Even though this was a serious study-tour, Nancine did miss the normal attention that such an attractive filly like her tended to attract. But she needn’t have worried about this last point; in one old, historic Balkan city, Nancine got a lot of notice.
The middle-aged Countess Janowski, sitting in the back of her chauffeured limousine, sighed with anticipation when she spied the French girl walking through the town square. The Countess, a lover of beautiful young women – though quite unconventional in her desires – had been on the lookout for the right girl to serve and service her back at her huge but crumbling castle located out in the countryside. And she was sure that her faithful servant, Boris, would also be very interested…
artwork by Hines

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