“It is indeed,” Fred agreed, as now his fingers travelled over the soft mound of her vulva, stroking her outer lips she was as soft and smooth as a young girl. His fingers continued to roam and now his searching became more bold, as with forefinger and thumb he parted these plump lips exposing the pink flesh between and then with his other hand his fingers intruded into her opened slit where they sought and found the bulb of her clitoris. He pushed one finger underneath and forced it to stand out, so that he could tweak the little nubbin. “Look at that,” he laughed. “It sticks out like a little cock.”
“Ohhhh oooooo … nooo!!!” the girl wailed with indignation, as she squirmed at the indignity of his fat fingers probing into this most intimate part of her body. He continued to play with her clitoris, pinching it tickling it and flicking it up and down, all the while Allison twisted and turned her hips writhing, He was greatly amused by her reaction.
“Look at her wriggle her ass, what a randy young fucker, I think Lady Allison enjoys having her clit played with.”
Allison wanted to scream out that she didn’t, that what he was doing was obscene and filthy and that she hated it, but she didn’t, as she knew her objections would be ignored her consent was not asked for, nor was it needed
“Ok that’s enough of that Lady Allison, your not here to enjoy yourself,” he said as he removed his hands from her cunt. “Lets have a look at your fat backside now, turn it towards me and stick it out.”
Preparing herself for further indignity, the girl turned and thrust her bottom out invitingly towards him. He ran his hands over the girl’s now exposed buttock flesh as he did so she clenched her cheeks against his attentions. “Relax your bottom girl,” he said harshly and gave them a sharp slap. “Part those cheeks, I have been invited to have a look at you and I want to see everything and that includes your Ladyship’s shit hole.” He chose his comments carefully, in order to degrade and humiliate her as much as possible.
Having to endure this further gross indignity the girl spread her cheeks apart, to enable him view the wrinkled hole that nestled between. His fingers now delved between the soft mounds, into the warm recess, with the tip of his finger tickling her puckered anus, now he pressed it forward opening her sphincter and pushed it up into her anal tract.
artwork by Thorn

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