The car Taylor and Tory were driving from their all girl college off to their Spring break adventure broke down a mile away from the campus. One of the college janitors – they were all so nice and polite with the girls – was driving by and stopped his van to offer a ride back to campus. When Taylor and Tory got in, they found two more janitors, and they did not act nice at all. The girls were bound, gagged, and hooded for a long ride before they were carried out of the van and down some stairs.
Taylor and Tory had their wrists tied behind their backs, their ankles tied together, and even their elbows were roped until they almost touched. They were bent over the backs of chairs and tied to them, and their clothes cut from their trim, curvy bodies. When the hoods were yanked off, the girls saw a janitor named Dashawn standing in front of them – holding a whip.
“I love lecturing stupid bitches when I whip their asses, so listen:”
Dashawn walked to one side. The whip snapped out twice, cutting into first Tory’s than Taylor ’s fine, round, white bottoms. They yelped, and Dashawn continued talking.
“We have the administration and you girls all fooled. You all think we smile and clean and help you spoiled white cunts for the $ 9 an hour the college pays.”
The whip lashed out again, twice, and the lovely screams of girls in pain filled the room.
“Shit, we would pay the college if we had to for what we get – access. Your dorm is wired for audio video, and I don’t mean cable that you get to watch. It’s cable we get to watch.”
sadism by Benedikt

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