He had been strong, too strong for her to fight and he had dragged her up here, to the attic. She had been stripped and bound then the nightmare had begun as he had forced her to satisfy him sexually in ways she had heard of but would never have dreamed of performing. He was old and disgusting, yet she had been forced to fuck him, using not just her cunt but her mouth and her rectum and he had his cane always at the ready and at any sign of disobedience her bottom would feel its sting.
“Here we are,” he said, as he placed two objects on the small table next to a cane, one he had just used on her naked bottom, twelve hard strokes, punishment for flaunting herself naked, he had told her, he seemed to find that amusing.
He came and sat before her, “Two nice presents for you,” he chuckled. One she recognised, it was a big rubber penis, the other she wasn’t sure of, it was a fat round cone on a little stand. He pointed to the rubber phallus. “This, my pretty, is a dildo, it goes up your cunt, the other one is a butt plug and it goes up your bottom hole.”
artwork by Thorn

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