She lifted herself up on to the table spreading her thighs wide open. Painfully aware of what she was showing him, she hung her head shyly. Satisfied with her position he squirted out a liberal handful of foam and smeared it over her pubic hair, taking his time and having a good feel of her openly exposed cunt as he did so. Taking the razor he set to work, deftly scraping away her blond curls as she sat rigid, frightened that he might cut her. Soon he had removed any trace of her pubic hair. She looked down between her legs; her slit resembled that of a young girl. She was now openly and shamefully exposed.
“There, that looks better, now I can see your cunt hole properly. Right … let’s get you cleaned up and cool down that randy little cunt. All that fingering must have turned it on. In you get, you’re going to get a nice cold bath,” he said, pointing to the trough.
She had some difficulty climbing up the stone sides. Only to pleased to help her he slid his hand under her bare bottom and lifted her up. She fell forward into the water and let out a squeal as it touched her body. The water was pumped up from a deep underground well and was incredibly cold. She gasped out loud as it drove all the breath from her body.
Grabbing her roughly by the neck he thrust her down, plunging her head beneath the icy water and held her. She flailed in terror, for a moment she believed he was trying to drown her. Then he released her, she came up choking, snorting and spluttering as the water ran from her goose pimpled flesh. Her whole body was shivering all over and her teeth chattering loudly.
artwork by Thorn

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