“God, no, please! Aaaah!”
Gregor knew he was going to make this bitch suffer. He didn’t know how long she was going to last before she expired, so he decided to apply several torments at once. As if the position she was in was not agony enough, the saw blade under her belly pressed close into her skin.
“Shock her again Yuri!” ordered Gregor
Yalia’s huge bosom felt like it was an inferno of pain. Gregor had tied tight bands around her massive tits, constricting her until they were blue. As if that was not enough, weights had been tied to her nipple rings, a kilo of lead on each fat udder pulling them down.
To increase her torment even further, electrodes were then attached to the nipple clamps and weights – sending shockwaves through her body.
“Please stop, please!” she cried, not knowing which part of her hurt the most – her swollen breasts, her aching legs or her bent back.
“Stop? Ha! I have not yet begun” yelled her well-hung captor.
artwork by Badia

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