The creep worked fast. He quickly clamped a pair of leg manacles around Sarah’s slender ankles, fastening her long, luscious legs to the bench so that she couldn’t escape. Sarah swallowed hard at the thought of being truly trapped her with this sex crazed maniac! “P-please…” she whimpered. The creep ignored her pleas and quickly pinned her down and tied her arms behind her, underneath the bench. It was then that Sarah realized she was totally helpless. Her full, plump, and perfect breasts were totally exposed, and she had no way of covering or protecting them. Sarah could feel herself tremble with fear at the thought that she was totally exposed and helpless to this man and that he could do whatever he wanted with her…
This fact did not go unnoticed by the creep. He grinned wickedly as he slid his hands up and down Sarah’s young and nubile body, glistening with sweat. “My my, you’ve got such nice, soft skin. I reckon I’m going to have lots of fun with you…” As the creep worked his way across Sarah’s soft, sensitive skin, he played her nerve endings like a virtuoso, and Sarah found herself shuddering with a sensation she had never imagined before: she was getting horny! Sarah felt herself flush with shame. How could she be getting horny at a time like this?
3d sadism by Tryten

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