Yes, it was an exciting time to be alive, during the Revolution. But nothing lasts forever. Eventually we all realized that the Engine of the Liberty had served its purpose. Over the course of many months, we’d ridden to ever last corner of mother Russia and told people the good news of their liberation. We had helped poor peasants fuck rich bitches across nearly ¼ of the landmass on earth. It was a good feeling. It felt like we were setting the world back the way it should be. But finally, there was nowhere left to visit.
The men all decided we’d keep one girl each for ourselves, and to give the rest away to the villagers in the towns we passed. Then we’d return to the capital, and see what further use we could be to the Revolution.
Early that morning, I tied Margaret up to a support pillar in the train station, and poured myself a drink. I admired the ways her nipples grew hard in the cold morning air.
“Well, we’ve had a lot of good times together, haven’t we Margaret?” I asked.
She moaned -how I loved her moans!
“Please…” she moaned. “Please don’t let them take me. Protect me! I’ll make it worth it.”
I took a sip of my drink and savored the moment.
“That’s the problem isn’t it Margaret?” I said. I was feeling philosophical. “You still think you can trade your cunt for protection. You’re offering me the same trade that you offered your husband once, the same trade that women have been tricking men with for a thousand years.”
She shivered. I watched the shiver travel from her tits to her pussy lips.
dominance by De Haro

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