He had had the girls striped naked, as modest young lades they had wept bitterly at this, then their bodies were shaved, bathed and perfumed. The blond twins were a rare prize. He would have them trained to put on lesbian sex shows for his visiting guests, kissing and fondling each other, tonguing each others cunts and assholes, it would be a fine sight the two identical sisters performing all manner of obscenities together, one that would be a delight to behold.
For now they were his to enjoy alone. He was savouring the feel of one of the girl’s soft flesh against his own as she slowly rose and fell, taking his hard cock all the way up into her tight moist cunt, the look of revulsion on her pretty face and her tears exited him, but not as much as the tears of her sister who writhed before him. The other girl struggled against the chains that held her, she was being whipped. She made an amusing spectacle as his assistant Nabbila flogged her, crying loudly her body shaking with sobs, she squealed out shrilly, each time the snake whip cracked against her white bottom flesh, raising blood red welts.
artwork by Thorn

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