It was her first day at the reformatory.
First she had been ordered to strip naked by the two guards who were in charge of her induction, then she had been handcuffed, hands in the back.
The guards had laughed at her humiliation and her tears as they had handled her, roughly groping her young body, squeezing her breasts her buttocks and between her legs.
However, there was worse to come, she was sat on a stool and they had gone to work on her with electric shears. First her body hair, then to her dismay they had gone to work on her head, shaving her completely bald.
She sobbed bitterly.
One guard sheared her hair off, the other removed the stubble with a razor; he had finished shaving her cunt and was waiting for his friend to finish with her head, as he groped at the now depilated mound between her thighs.
artwork by Thorn

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