Being Captain of the Slave Barge had its perks. For one, any slave who wasn’t already claimed, was his for the taking. In fact the Captain usually kept at least two or three personal slaves. When he saw young Vicky brought on board, he knew she had to be his.
Now here she was, tied and gagged in the captain’s private quarters. On the bed in the corner was another girl, curled up in the fetal position and sobbing like a little girl. Vicky could see cum flowing out of her red swollen cunt and dribbling onto the filthy sheets of the bed, and the dark purple bruises covering her ass and thighs.
“That’s right girl, take a long hard look, because that’ll be you before too long.” The captain said. “Slave, get the fuck over here.”
The slave girl, whose name had been Rachel once upon a time, dragged herself off the mattress and began crawling across the floor to kneel at the Captain’s feet, she was still sobbing when she began kissing his filthy boots.
“You’re probably wondering what I did to the girl to make her such a good slave. Well lucky for you, I’m gonna let her tell you. Go ahead slut, tell her what happened when you first came aboard.”
dominance by De Haro

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